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  Our values statements represent Joining Hands Health Center's core beliefs, which inspire and guide our choices in our operations and in dealing with people.  

  Well-Being We define personal well-being as health, comfort, and happiness - mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Knowing that everyone is a work in progress leads us to provide services that address a wide variety of physical and mental health issues.

  Compassion We have a heartfelt concern for all who seek our services - genuine awareness of their distress and an enthusiastic desire to alleviate their suffering.

Our compassion manifests itself through considered encouragement, respect for privacy, conversing politely, and appropriate patient advocacy.

  Excellence Excellence is being our best at all times.

As an organization, excellence will only be achieved if there is an unrelenting focus on screening, growth and development, and evaluation.

  Integrity Integrity is a core principle of our organization. We are entrusted with our supporters’ generosity every day and engender this trust through transparency in our actions and communications.

We believe integrity is essential in big and small things, and that character is what we do when no one is looking over our shoulder.

Everyone in our organization makes responsible choices personally and professionally so that what we say and what we do, reflects our commitment to integrity that our donors and patients deserve.

  Acceptance We provide gentle, nonjudgmental, sensitive healthcare for all our clients without regard to lifestyle, race, creed, nationality, or other distinguishing characteristics.

We view our patients as sunrises. When we consider a sunrise, we don’t find ourselves saying, “soften the orange a bit on the right-hand corner.” Instead, we watch with awe as the sun rises. It is in this manner that we extend love and compassion to all our clients.

  Respect We deeply value those we serve and respect them for their humanity. Their lack of access to health insurance doesn’t change the way we see them.

We perceive patients as men and women who partner with us to change the future of their own lives and those of their families. Our kindness toward them helps encourage a personal sense of value.